March: Mike Croskrey

We open for summer with a must-see exhibition of carved wood by Mike Croskrey. Fantasy meets tradition.

FRIDAY March 2

Croskrey on “Warrior” (above):

“The Warrior was inspired by research on Tlingit body armor and implements of hand-to-hand warfare. My mind saw visions of a remote stretch of beach where a raiding party might have canoed in upon a sleeping Tlingit village with the intent to annihilate and plunder. A tremendous battle took place as the ravens watched from the tree tops.

The lower piece that makes up the body was carved to represent the Tlingit style dagger and breast plate. In reality the breastplate would have been made of bone, ivory, and baleen held together by sinew or cedar bark rope. Above is the face of a warrior with a raven on each side to serve as his spirit guides.

I used only an adze, crooked knife, and a straight knife to carve this piece. Once the carving was finished, I applied copper leaf and a patina as if it had been uncovered from the beach where centuries ago it was lost in the throws of battle.

It is made of Alaskan yellow cedar and spruce, copper leaf, and iron filings.

To me, this piece was a work of respect and awe for an indigenous people and a way of life that was once the norm and is in honor of those who walked before us.”